Moonraker Knives


Acrylic Navy/White/Red scale

Acrylic Navy/White/Red scale (M 8672) £6.95

8 x 40 x 120mm

Acrylic Red/Black block

Acrylic Red/Black block (SKU. M8670) £9.95

25 x 40 x 120mm

Acrylic Blue/Yellow block

Acrylic Blue/Yellow block (SKU. M8673) £9.95

25 x 40 x 120mm

Acrylic Yellow/Black block

Acrylic Yellow/Black block (SKU. M8649) £10.95

25 x 40 x 125mm

Acrylic Woods Camo block

Acrylic Woods Camo block (SKU.M8650) £10.95

25 x 40 x 125mm

Acrylic Lava block

Acrylic Lava block (SKU.M8653) £10.95

25 x 40 x 120mm

Acrylic Emerald block

Acrylic Emerald block (SKU.M8656) £10.95

25 x 40 x 120mm

Acrylic Beige/Black scale

Acrylic Beige/Black scale (SKU. M8685) £11.95

8 x 40 x 125mm

Acrylic Yellow/Black scale

Acrylic Yellow/Black scale (SKU. 8684) £11.95

8 x 40 x 125mm

 Acrylic Red/Black scale

Acrylic Red/Black scale (SKU. 8681) £11.95

8 x 40 x 115mm

Acrylic Orange/Black scale

Acrylic Orange/Black scale (SKU. 8680) £11.95

8 x 40 x 125mm

Acrylic Turqoise/Black scale

Acrylic Turqoise/Black scale (SKU. 8679) £11.95

8 x 40 x 125mm

Ivory alternative

Ivory alternative (SKU. M8480) £11.95

25 x 43 x 120mm

Solid Resin

Solid Resin £26.95

132mmm x 38mm x 10mm

Elforyn Block Ivory

Elforyn Block Ivory (SKU. 8371) £32.95

120 x 40 x 30mm

:: Corian ::

Corian (SKU. M8353) £6.95

Solid surface is defined as nonporous, homogeneous material maintaining the same composition throughout the part with a composition of acrylic polymer, aluminum trihydrate filler and pigment. Corian wipes clean. Because Corian is nonporous, stains can't penetrate the surface and neither can mold, mildew or bacteria. Corian also resists burns and scratches.
12 x 40 x 120-130mm

Corian Stardust

Corian Stardust (SKU. M8364) £6.95

12 x 40 x 120m

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