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Boker MagnumThree principles are combined in BÖKER knives: A tradition of know-how in the forging and processing of high-grade steel into strong and robust blades. Extreme longevity is the objective. The second criterion is the precise processing of the individual parts. Exact and solid - designed for the highest serviceability. And of course - outstanding workmanship reflected in the shaping and beauty of the knives, supported by high-grade materials used in the knife body.

Böker Magnum Small Game Skinner

Böker Magnum Small Game Skinner (SKU. 02RY003) £14.95

A small and handy skinner for small to medium game. The hollow-ground 440-A blade has a fine satin finish and extends the full length of the grip. The signal-colored grip simplifies finding the knife in low light conditions and on forest grounds.
Incl. lanyard hole and leather sheath with push-button lock.
Overall 15.5 cm
Blade 6.2 cm
Thickness 2.9 cm

Magnum Big Game Hunter

Böker Magnum Big Game Hunter (SKU. 02RY002) £20.95

This full-sized hunting knife is solid and reliable from tip to toe.
The 440A steel blade is a true allrounder for hunting uses.
As on the small model, the grip also features a signal coloration.
Shipped with leather sheath. Overall 23 cm. Blade 10.5 cm, Thickness 3.4 mm. Weight 136 g

Böker Magnum Orange Bamboo

Böker Magnum Orange Bamboo (SKU. 02SC213) £20.95

The best designs use nature as a model. The design of the orange-colored G-10 grip is based on the bamboo plant. The individual segments provide naturally formed finger grooves, giving the knife very comfortable handing. The slim 440 blade has a fine satin finish. Incl. leather quiver sheath.
Overall length: 18,5 cm
Blade length: 7,0 cm
Weight: 130 g
Blade thickness: 3,0 mm
Blade material: 440A
Handle material: G-10

Böker Magnum Elk Hunter Special 

Böker Magnum Elk Hunter Special  (SKU. 02GL685) £27.95

This special edition is based on one of our top sellers, the Elk Hunter model. However, this new version features ebony wood and durable rosewood as grip scales.
The satin-finished 440A steel blade is thinly ground. This attractive knife also includes an elaborate leather sheath with pushbutton lock.
With lanyard hole.
Overall 22 cm
Blade length: 11,0 cm
Weight: 175 g
Blade thickness: 3,8 mm
Blade material: 440A
Handle material: Palisander 

Böker Bowie Elk Hunter
Böker Elk Hunter (02GL683) £28.95

A functional and extremely stylish hunting knife with a 440 stainless steel blade and rosewood / root wood combination handle. Includes a dark brown leather sheath.

Blade length: 4 1/3"
Overall length: 8 5/8"
Weight: 5.5 oz

Böker Pathfinder FG

Böker Pathfinder FG (02SC399) £28.95

Böker Premium Bowie

Böker Premium Bowie (02GL684) £31.95

A real gem for the Bowie knife lover. The satin finished blade is hollow ground for superior cutting performance, and the handle is made with a brass guard and pommel, stacked leather washers and ebony wood. Includes leather sheath.

Blade length: 6 1/16"
Overall length: 11"
Weight: 8.4 oz

Boker Magnum Dayhike

Böker Magnum Dayhike (SKU. 02LG117) £32.95

Ideal fixed blade knife for the next outdoor hike, but also for use in everyday or on-the-job chores. The rugged knife features a 440 steel blade and full tang construction.
The harmoniously contoured mircata grip makes it into a truly smooth operator.
Sufficiently compact to avoid a bulky appearance, yet strong enough for any chore.
Shipped with black leather sheath.
Overall length 23 cm.
Blade 11.5 cm
Thickness 4.3 mm
Weight 225 g

Böker Magnum Camp
Böker Magnum Camp £32.95

Handy knife for medium to heavy work. The all-purpose blade shape is appropriate for a wide range of applications. Blade steel is 440 steel, with black coating, including a convenient sheath made of high-strength plastic material.

Blade length: 13.5cm
Overall length: 27cm
Weight: 343g

Böker Magnum Trail

Böker Magnum Trail (SKU. 02SC099) £38.95

A compact and elegant straight knife for everyday carry, hunting, and camping.
The contoured mircata scales of the full-tang knife provide a pleasant feel, and are held in place by decorative mosaic pins. Satin-finished stainless steel bolsters. 440A steel blade.
Includes leather lanyard and black leather sheath.
Overall length: 20,0 cm
Blade length: 8,2 cm
Weight: 144 g
Blade thickness: 2,9 mm
Blade material: 440A
Handle material: Micarta

Böker Jungle Devil

Böker Jungle Devil (02MB207) £41.95

440 stainless steel leather sheath with sharpening stone.

Blade length: 15.3cm
Overall length: 27.8cm
Weight: 247g

Böker Magnum Giant Bowie

Böker Magnum Giant Bowie (SKU. 02MB565) £49.95

A new interpretation of the legendary Vietnam style Bowie, with impressive dimensions. The 440 stainless steel blade features a precise grinding and is extremely sharp. The guard and pommel are made of polished stainless steel, and the genuine leather handle features soft finger grooves, which tops off the overall look of this classic piece.
Overall length: 12 5/8".
Blade length: 8 1/8".
Weight: 11.6 oz.
Overall length: 32,0 cm
Blade length: 20,7 cm
Weight: 330 g
Blade material: 440
Handle material: Leather

Böker Magnum Snakewood

Böker Magnum Snakewood (02RY1050) £51.95

Classic big game fixed blade hunter featuring a 440 stainless steel modified drop point blade. The handles are a very attractive combination of real snake wood and bone.
Stainless steel bolsters.
An exceptional piece!
Lanyard hole and leather sheath included.

Blade length: 3 5/8"
Overall length: 8"
Weight: 5 oz

Böker Magnum Southwest

Böker Magnum Southwest (SKU. 02YA001) £66.95

The Southwest is an impressive full tang knife that not only appeals to the collector with its charismatic grind lines and the attractively contoured Micarta grip, but can also deal with tough tasks. The large grind has the full material thickness across the entire width of the blade in the transition region between the handle and blade, providing exceptional sturdiness. The decorative file work on the back of the handle is not only a delight to look at, but also provides extra grip for the thumb. AUS-8 blade steel, fine satin finish. With a high quality Cordura sheath and lanyard hole.
Overall length 29.8 cm.
Blade 16.3 cm.
Thickness 4.8 mm.
Weight: 401 g
Blade thickness: 4,8 mm
Blade material: AUS-8
Handle material: Micarta

Böker Magnum year knife 2018

Böker Magnum year knife 2018 (SKU. 02MAG2018) £129.95

Even as a kid, John H. Davis always got a knife from his dad when they ventured outdoors. It was the most natural thing in the world for him and he carried a knife every day. As a young man, John H. Davis made several knives for his friends and family before training with the American Bladesmith Society. Today, he is an Apprentice Member of ABS as well as a member of the Knifemaker's Guild and the Florida Knifemaker Association. His often-artistic designs cover a wide range from hunting knives with a drop-point blade to Bowies and classic fighters to historically inspired daggers. He also forges his own Damascus, which takes his creations to the next level.

The Magnum Collection 2018 is based on one of his most popular Bowies. The slim construction with elegant lines marks the hybrid style with elements of the classic fighter - a skillful combination of two styles. The narrow blade makes for easy and fluid handling and accounts for the surprising agility of the full-size knife. The bellied handle offers an excellent grip; the stainless steel crossguard and butt plate convey a high level of tasteful solidity. The blade has a large finger choil on the base that allows for a wide-reaching grip for finer cuts. Made from 440C, the blade has a fine satin finish matching the satinized handle fittings and the black Micarta handle.

The design is complemented by a high-quality leather sheath in the signature style of John H. Davis. Limited to 1,999 pieces worldwide. Comes with a premium collector's box with a certificate of authenticity.

Magnum Collection 2014

Böker Magnum Collection 2014 (SKU. 02MAG2014) £131.95

On the one hand, Böker's Magnum Collection 2014 stays true to its tradition of large bowie knives, but nevertheless blazes new paths. Designed based on the "Elmer Keith" model (the handgun expert and inventor of the famous 44 Magnum revolver bullet) by Dennis Friedly, the US custom knife maker from Wyoming, the 2014 Magnum Collection primarily catches the eye with its compact construction and pronounced hand guard. Because of its unusual dimensions, the exceedingly brawny design of the bowie knife has a particularly good grip, without impairing strength and ruggedness in any way whatsoever. But the most apparent feature is the dual hand guard in its characteristic shape, which ensures a particularly secure grip for any use. The extraordinarily solid blade with a length of 7.5 inches is highly versatile and based on the classic Bowie shape, wherein the compact construction provides that special extra in terms of strength. The fine satin finish of the blade emphasizes the exclusivity of this collector's item. No display case should be without its completely unique style.
The blade is made of proven 440C, which continues to represent an outstanding compromise between edge retention and resharpening properties.
The grip is made from black canvas Mircata. Limited to 1,999 copies world-wide. Shipped in a collectors case with premium leather sheath, including certificate of authenticity. Overall 31 cm. Blade 19 cm. Thickness 8 mm.

Böker Magnum Collection 2018

Böker Magnum Collection 2018 (SKU. 02MAG2018) £132.95

John H. Davis was a little munchkin when he received his first knife from his father, whenever they went out in the woods. So it became the most natural thing for him, and his knife became his daily companion for all outdoor activities. As a young man, after having made several knives by himself for family members and friends, he joined the American Bladesmith Society school and became an apprentice member of the ABS. Later, he also became a voting member of the Knifemaker´s Guild, and the President of the Florida Knifemaker´s Association. His artful designs cover a wide spectrum, from a classical drop point hunting knife, Bowie knives up to classical fighters and daggers - these often being inspired by historical pieces. The Magnum Collection 2018 is based on one of his most popular Bowies. The slender construction with the elegant outlines shows a hybrid between a Bowie and a classical fighter, combining these two styles in a unique way. The fast handling is optimized by the straight and narrow blade, which grants excellent control when handling. The bellied handle guarantees outstanding ergonomics, and the stainless steel handguard and pommel plate not only show stability, but also the high degree of classiness. The blade boasts a large index finger choil and allows for easy choking, for more delicate cutting tasks. Made out of 440C, the blade shows a fine satin finish, which is completed by the satin finished pommel and handguard, as well as the black Micarta handle. Comes complete with a high quality leather sheath in the preferred style from John H. Davis, a collector´s box and a certificate of authenticity.
Strictly limited to 1,999 pieces worldwide.

Böker Magnum Hunting Knife

Böker Magnum Hunting Knife (SKU. 02MAG2017) £148.95

With the Magnum Collection 2017, we take a completely new path. With Canadian knifemaker Wally Hayes, we were able to gain a knifemaker for this series who is world famous among knife collectors for his interpretations of traditional Japanese blade shapes. Being a mastersmith of the American Bladesmith Society (ABS), his knives not only transfer the spirit of traditional knives into the present time, they are also highly functional on top of being exceptional collector´s pieces. The Magnum Collection 2017 is based on a classic Japanese utility knife, which shows its versatility when used outdoors.
The wide blade has a tip-orientated balance for an excellent chopping performance, while the cutting edge enthuses with the fascinating sharpness of a zero-grind edge. Built as a full tang, the knife consists of one solid piece of steel, granting maximum stability. In the traditional Japanese way, the handle features a "Same" (authentic rayskin) underlay, with a Tsuka-Ito, the resin enforced cotton wrapping.
This handle style goes back to the Katana, the classical Samurai sword, and combines a perfect non-slip grip with traditional craftsmanship. The blade of the Magnum Collection 2017 is made out of 440C stainless steel and features a horizontal satin finish, which enhances the massive contour of the blade in an impressive way.
The Magnum Collection 2017 is limited to just 1,999 pieces worldwide and comes in an exclusive collector´s box with a high quality leather sheath and certificate of authenticity.

Blade length: 23.5cm
Weight: 527.3g
Designer: Wally Hayes
Total length: 37.5cm
Blade material: 440C
Colour: Black
Type: Fixed Blade
Locking mechanism: Fixed
Handle material: Cotton

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