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NiteizeNite Ize, Inc., based out of beautiful Boulder, Colorado is the leading manufacturer of innovative accessories in the United States. The philosophy at Nite Ize is to create unique solutions to everyday, identifiable problems, and Nite Ize has been growing and innovating since it’s inception by Owner and President, Rick Case, in 1989. Nite Ize began by manufacturing a line of accessories designed to expand the versatility and usability of flashlights, and has more recently expanded their product line to include Mobile Accessories, L.E.D. Accessories and Hardware Accessories..



The S-Biner design provides the option for ulimate security of keys and other important accessories by easily securing itmes to the centre bar, a connection can still be made on either side.
Available in three colours (Black/Stainless/Spectrum) & sizes.

Large £2.95 (8.9cms x 3.8cms) 75lbs max weight

Med £2.45 (6.7cms x 2.9cms) 25lbs max weight

Small £1.95 (5.0cms x 2.2cms) 10lbs max weight

Prices inclusive of VAT.
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