Moonraker Knives


** We can now cut your wood block in half to give you a pair of scales **

 Cutting cost £3.60 inc vat

Roselli General

Roselli General £14.95

Moonraker Handle's with fit most other small blade's to keep the tange hidden you may have to cut the end of the tange off
Curley birch handle pre-drilled with steel bolster

Roselli Hunter

Roselli Hunter £18.95

Moonraker Pre -drilled out with bolster Hunter
Handle will fit the larger leuku blades, you may have to cut the tange to hide it or just drill through to let the tange through to rivet it.
Curley birch with steel bolster

:: Horn and Bone ::

Moose (M7108) £1.95


Buffalo Honey Scale

Buffalo Honey Scale (M7209) £5.95

125mm x 25mm x 8mm

Buffalo Striker black

Buffalo Striker black (M7204) £4.95

35 x 25mm

Buffalo Striker Gold

Buffalo Striker Gold (M7205) £5.95


Buffalo Striker honey

Buffalo Striker honey (M7206) £5.95

35 x 25mm

Moose Xcrown

Moose Xcrown (M7113) £8.95

From the largest moose crowns.

Buffalo Black Roll

Buffalo Black Roll (M7201) £11.95

30 x 110 mm

Moose Roll

Moose Roll (1110) £13.95

25 x 110 mm

Camel bone scales x2 jigged

Camel bone scales x 2 jigged (SKU. 7281) £14.95

130 x 40 x 6mm

Reindeer Roll

Reindeer Roll (M7000) £18.95

Diameter 25-35 mm
Length 110 -120 mm
Very dense, little marrow.

Moose Taper M

Moose Taper M (SKU.M7141) £23.95

Approx. length: 110-130 mm width: 25-30 mm

Over 18 only.
Prices inclusive of VAT.
Prices subject to change without prior notice
We do not sell knives to anyone under 18