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WoodsknifeThese beautifully hand made knives from Kauhave in the north west of Finland, designed and made by Harri Meramaa.
Made of high carbon steel ( 59 rockwell )
Sheaths : Natural colour stamped “woods knife Finland”
Harri Merimaa is one of the best known knife makers from the Bothnia province , of Western Finland. He has his own unique design and style and is the third generation knife maker in the Meramaa family, which is known for its superior quality .
These knives are a joy to hold and use and are made to the highest calibre.

WoodsKnife Mini Pocket knife

WoodsKnife Mini Pocket knife (SKU. M27) £31.95

This little 4cm hand forged carbon steel blade with sisal wrapped handle fits so nicely in the pocket for easy carry.
Form Fitted leather sheath.

WoodsKnife Special pocket Knife

WoodsKnife Special pocket Knife (SKU. WDK32) £32.95

Blade: Carbon steel
Handle: Curly Birch
Sheath: Leather - Black
Designer: Harri Merimaa
Weight: 35 g
Overall  length: 105 mm
Blade  length: 42 mm
Blade thickness: 3.3 mm
Country of origin: Finland

WoodsKnife Little hunter

WoodsKnife Little hunter £32.95

62mm carbon steel blade.
Handle of curly birch.

Woodsknife Pocket Knife

Woodsknife Pocket Knife (SKU. M29) £34.95

Hand Forged knife this  is a superb  little tool and is perfect  for your pocket, or as a neck knife, it can also be used  in a firelighting or survival kit.  
4 1/2" overall. 
2 1/8" hand forged carbon steel blade.
Full tang.
Sisal wrapped handle.
Form fitted leather pocket sheath.
Weight: 35 grams
Brown Leather sheath
Country of Origin: Finland

WoodsKnife Gismo

WoodsKnife Gismo £36.95

Eravuolu/hunter 95mm carbon steel handle of curly birch with Reindeer Horn and genuine leather sheath.


WoodsKnife £39.95

Hand made in Finland by Harri Merimaa
105mm carbon steel
Curly birch and reindeer bone handle
Leather sheath

WoodsKnife Neck Knife

WoodsKnife Neck Knife (SKU. M28) £42.95

3 5/8"" overall. 
1 5/8" blade.
One piece hand forged carbon steel construction.
Brown Sisal wrapped handle.
Extended tang forms a hook to act as a pocket clip.
Embossed black leather sheath.
Black nylon lanyard with a swivel snap clasp and reindeer antler pieces that are used for adjusting the lanyard around your neck.
Made in Finland

WoodsKnife Neck Knife

WoodsKnife Neck Knife (SKU. M30) £44.95

Woods Our popular pocket knife now also comes as a neck knife. And the neck strap is removable with a rotating claw clasp. So handy for neck wear or pocket wear. The woven neck cord is strong and has lovely pieces of reindeer antler near the clasp and also for adjusting to fit just where you want it.
Blade: 2" hand forged carbon steel
Handle: 2.5" Sisal wrapped
Sheath: Form fitted leather sheath with removable neck strap.Weight: 1.2oz
Weight w/sheath: 2.3oz

Hiking Puukko knife
Hiking Puukko knife - Natural curly birch £44.95

Blade length 3” width 15 /16” of high carbon steel 59rockwell razer sharp
Handle of natural curly birch with stack leather and brass oiled to keep its natural colour.
Sheath natural colour leather.

WoodsKnife Special carving knife

WoodsKnife Special carving knife £45.95

80mm carbon steel blade.
Handle of curly birch (Special wood)

Hiking Puukko knife
Hiking Puukko knife - Nordic curly birch £47.95

This is a piece of hand craft made in Finland in the traditional Scandinavian way. Handle of beautiful Nordic curly birch stained to give a slightly darker colour.
Blade length of 3” with a width of 15/16”of high carbon steel to 59 rockwell razer sharp.
Sheath is natural vegetable died colour brown.

WoodsKnife Hunting knife

WoodsKnife Hunting knife £48.95

90mm carbon steel blade.
Handle of curly birch.

WoodsKnife Wild Bear

WoodsKnife Wild Bear (14) £51.95

10” overall
4 ¾” carbon steel blade curley birch handle brown leather belt sheath.


WoodsKnife £59.95

95mm carbon steel blade
80mm special opening blade (carbon steel)
Handle of curly birch,reindeer bone


WoodsKnife Pocket knife 54mm (SKU. Special) £64.95

WK Pocket knife 54mm carbon steel blade.
Total length with sheath 15 cm.
Beautiful little carving knife fits perfectly in the hand.

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