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Ahti Fixed Knives

There are two distinct lines of Ahti knives, the traditional line and the modern line. The traditional line is made in Kauhava, Finland. Kauhava has been a centre of knife making for hundreds of years, and is at the heart of the Finnish knife culture. The knives are made in the shop of Reino Kamppila. His production is limited, but this insures that the quality is up to his exacting standards. All of the traditional knives have carbon steel blades (.8%C) hardened to about 59 on the Rockwell scale. The handles are stained birch and sanded to a medium finish for improved grip. Fittings are polished brass and the sheaths have plastic inserts.

All of the traditional Ahti have full length tangs with the end of the tang visible at the pommel end of the handle.

Ahti knives are handmade, product by R Kamppila & Son in Finland. The blade is made from Carbon-Vandium Böhler-Uddeholm steel with HRC 58-59. Handle in stained Curly Birch, brass fittings and a leather sheath.
An excellent tool for hunting, camping, whittling and general outdoor use.


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