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Wildlife Axe 370

Wildlife Axe 370

Roselli SKU. R860 £99.95
product description 

Blade: 90 mm
Length: 360 mm
Total weight: 750 g

Hatchet with leather cover. Light but nevertheless efficient in all kind of woodworking such as chopping, hollowing or carving logs.
The back of theis unique axehead, developed by Roselli, may also be used as hammer for nailing. The linseed oil treated handle allows a good grip even in wet conditions. The leather cover functions as blade safeguard and belt attachement.

Roselli brand

Heimo Roselli Story Over twenty years ago Heimo wanted to make himself a knife. But no smith was willing to teach him the art of making a blade. So Heimo went to Steel itself to find the answer. Steel spoke to him then and told him its secrets. Only extensive trial and error reveals the true potential of unalloyed carbon steel. Many experts agree that it makes the best practical knives. Soon Heimo was making desired knives for his friends and the enterprise was established to secure his family´s income. The Philosophy of Roselli - Carbon steel, tough curly birch and simple design make the immortal properties of a durable and usable Roselli knife. - Smith Heimo Roselli refuses to build any non-functional or unnecessary attributes in his knives. The unessential is detrimental. - Roselli knives are handmade - following the strict requirements taught by time and experience. - A Roselli knife is more than a knife. It is a part of the master´s own hand and character. - Work should be enjoyable and should not be spoiled with the use of poor all knives are complete with a quality leather sheath and sharpening intructions .


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