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Herbert K Derr 90mm - Birds Eye Pattern

Herbert K Derr 90mm - Birds Eye Pattern

Herb Derr £279.95
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Blade :Derr Damascus 2700 Layers Birds Eye Pattern 
90mm x 22mm x 4mm
Handle : Oosic / Myrtle Burl
Guard: Nickel Silver
Sheath: Ostrich Skin


Custom Knives by Herb Derr (H.K. Derr), are each individually 100% hand made from start to finish. Mr. Derr started making knives in 1990 and in 1994, he became a full time knife maker. Just to state a bit of reasoning, when a knife maker goes "full-time" it usually means that there is enough demand for his work that he can make a decent living off of knife making alone. This is not to say that there aren't part time knife makers who yield the same level of demand - but it does make clear the fact that that particular knife maker's work is currently at a desirable level of demand.
From the tip of the blade to the butt of the handle, Herb goes all the way in creating a unique, one of a kind custom knife every time.
He also makes his own custom sheaths - usually using exotic animal skin inlays such as sting ray or ostrich skin - which are beautifully tanned and hand tooled.
Perhaps Mr. Derrs greatest talent is hand forging stunning, 2700 layer, oil quenched, Nickel / Carbon damascus blades. These babies can be sharpened to a razors edge, and hold that edge for a great length of time.
Herb Derr was born and raised in southeastern Pennsylvania. I went to college in West Virginia and graduated in 1974 with a BA majoring in art. I stayed after graduation and now proudly call West Virginia home.
My damascus is made from carbon steels and nickel. I make layered damascus as well as mosaic and powdered metal pieces. My heat treating is all edge quenched in oil to keep a softer spine back and hardened edge of blade. My blades are blued (hot blued) to give the carbon steel a protective coating and also to enhance the colour contrasts in the metals. Everything done to my knives has been completed by myself from steel making to sheaths. I even get time occasionally to carve some of my handles in horn. Presently my favourite subjects are reptiles and fish.


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