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Triple Combo - Stag

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Triple Combo - Stag

Knives of Alaska SKU. 00031FG £473.95
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All of the legendary Knives of Alaska have been field proven to the most extreme hunting conditions, and passed with flying colors. Designed by professional guide Charles Allen, Knives of Alaska are expertly designed and feature the ruggedness and durability you need to handle all your hunting and skinning tasks. Holding a Knives of Alaska knife in hand reveals the quality and craftsmanship that professional guides and hunters across the world have come to trust.

We received numerous requests by professional hunters and outfitters for a method to carry the Brown Bear, Light Hunter, and Cub Bear all in one sheath. The Professional Hunter's Triple Knife Set includes all three knives in one sheath. NOTE: The set is too heavy to be worn on a belt, but can easily be carried in saddle bags or a backpack.

The Brown Bear Skinner has a blade of 65" consisting of D2 Steel

The Cub Bear Caping knife has a blade of 24" consisting of 440C Stainless Steel

The Light Hunter Mini Skinner has a blade of 35" consisting of D2 Tool Steel

Double draw heat temper, Cryogenic "Deep Freeze" treatment

Knives of Alaska provide you with a lifetime warranty and are proudly made in the USA

Knives of Alaska brand

A person's choice of outdoor gear, especially that of hunters and fishermen, is a source of personal pride and satisfaction. That doesn't mean you must have the most expensive gun, rod, knife, boots, or whatever, but the gun should be clean, well maintained, and accurate. Your knife should shave, and hopefully the boots will be well broken-in before tackling a major extended hunt. As outfitters in Alaska, Knives of Alaska have guided hunters and fishermen into the Alaskan bush for years. One fact is - and has always been - true: each man's gear is going to play a major role in determining his success, comfort, and enjoyment.


PLEASE REMEMBER, we can only supply knives if you are over 18 years old. By ordering from this site you are confirming that you are legally allowed to buy knives.

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