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Scout Jäger Gold

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Scout Jäger Gold

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Hunting and gamekeeping is still a significant part of our cultural heritage. Today, environmental issues are more and more shaping this tradition, giving it a prominent place in modern society. Our Jäger Gold Series pays homage to our rich heritage and honors all hunters doing their part in the effort to preserve nature.

The real gold-etched blades were common in high-quality knives during the Golden Age of the Solingen knife industry. The classic tendrils of oak leaves highlight the exclusive concept, being true to the classic manufacturing techniques that are close to extinction today. The fine walnut burl wood of the scales and the fine-ground blades exude timeless elegance.

Since 1985, the Boker Scout has been firmly connected to our name since 1985. The extremely robust body is sintered out of a single piece of nickel silver and then polished. Sintering involves mixing the basic materials, heat bonding and shaping them. The hollow-ground blade of stainless N690 is forged by Böhler, the bold shape contributing to the matchless overall appearance of the Scout. A classic backlock secures the blade and securely keeps it open. Comes with a high-quality leather belt holster

Böker brand

Three principles are combined in BÖKER knives: A tradition of know-how in the forging and processing of high-grade steel into strong and robust blades. Extreme longevity is the objective. The second criterion is the precise processing of the individual parts. Exact and solid - designed for the highest serviceability. And of course - outstanding workmanship reflected in the shaping and beauty of the knives, supported by high-grade materials used in the knife body.


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