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EnZo Trapper 95 Elmax Scz Basic kit/Curly birch

EnZo Trapper 95 Elmax Scz Basic kit/Curly birch

Enzo SKU. 2251 £84.95
product description 

An easy to assemble Trapper 95 Elmax steel with Scandi grind. Curly birch scales Red liners (or black at your choice) Corby rivets, brass. Fitt together dry and when yor happy with every thing glue all items together put the corby bolts in then tighten , once dry grind of the rivets sand to finnish

Enzo brand


BRISA knives are designed to meet and exceed the special needs of the professional hunter, outdoorsmen, campers and craftsmen.

BRISA knives produce bushcraft, hunting and outdoor knives, as well as folding, kitchen and necker knives.

The good cutting performance from the classic Scandinavian knife, the Puukko, is translated into this modern knife, with its technical superior design, rugged durability, and its eye popping good look.


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