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Double Sided Diafold Fine - Coarse

Double Sided Diafold Fine - Coarse

DMT £41.95
product description 

Red and B;ue ( Fine& Coarse)All the great features of the traditional Diafold? Sharpeners, with the added benefit of two grits - one grit on each side of sharpener. 9 1/2" (240 mm) open, 5" (125 mm) closed.

DMT brand

DMT® Diamond Sharpeners are an excellent value because of their durable construction, quality and reputation for providing years of uncompromising service. Unlike conventional oilstones, Japanese waterstones, Arkansas stones and other ceramic sharpeners, DMT® Diamond Whetstones will not break, chip, crack, hollow or groove. Do not be fooled by other diamond sharpeners made in other countries who claim their products are just as good — If you want the best care for your edge, demand DMT®!

All DMT products must be used with water for lubrication


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