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Hone Variety Pack

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Hone Variety Pack

Lansky SKU. LS02171 £42.95
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Variety pack, Includes: leather strop, soft Arkansas stone (200-350 grit), medium diamond (280 grit), and medium curved (280 grit). Controlled angle system accessory

You can replace most of your used hones and at the same time try out some new ones, including Leather for Stropping.

Lansky brand

Since 1979, Lansky Sharpeners has been recognized as the world leader in Sharpening Technology. Each LANSKY SHARPENERS product is carefully designed to meet unparalleled performance, reliability, and safety standards. All LANSKY SHARPENERS products are engineered to be completely ambidextrous, and manufactured with superior quality materials by craftsmen who are committed to providing you with a product that is second to none.


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